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Motif is a collective of artists, illustrators and mark-makers, passionate about fresh, creative design.

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Our limited-edition mint tins are unique, shareable and collectible, with each housing 32g of premium, vegan friendly peppermints, free from sugar and aspartame.

With new collections added annually, there’s something for every taste.

There’s a new way to enjoy Motif’s designs, with the launch of three collections of storage tins.  Perfectly suited to holding all sizes of cakes and bakes, the set of three tins nest for convenient storage.

Artist profile:
Ophelia Pang

At Motif we also work with artists outside of our collective such as Ophelia pang, a mixed media artist living and working in Hong Kong,  specialising in watercolour, acrylic and also digital media.

“I suck at speaking. So I’d rather express myself with colors and shapes. A few years ago, I started to see colors whenever I closed my eyes. The composition of colors were so beautiful that I thought I had to record them”

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